History of Taki Municipality

Taki Municipality was established in 1869, on the 1st of April. The progress and development of Taki run tall and wide after the establishment of its Municipality.

Water was always in a mess at Taki. It seemed that water problems were permanent there. There was no separate drinking water and bathing water. It was the same water from one pond that served for both the purpose of drinking and bathing. There were two wells, the water from which was sold to the rich ones living there. The general couldn’t afford to buy drinking water. The polluted water was consumed by all. This problem has been meted out by the municipality, by various water development projects.

Drainage system was also in a poor condition. Sewage in the drains gave birth to a number of diseases. Health conditions deteriorated with time. People lost lives due to Cholera, Pox, Typhoid and Malaria. Free hospitals and other government hospitals have been established. Various vaccination camps are also organised.

In 1906, on the 20th of December, Taki Municipality was ordered to demolish all the red-light areas there. But the municipality, after a lot of hassle, finally re-established the areas, in 1909, on the 19th of September.
Electricity entered Taki in April 1956. This is one of the greatest milestones in the history of Taki’s Municipality.

Taki today is spot for “Echo-tourism”. The Municipality has developed the transport facilities in the city. No-governmental and governmental guest houses have been built. To make the city more attractive the Municipality have made artificial water-bodies, which make touring in Taki more beautiful. It feels like heaven there, to be in direct contact with nature.